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Mandeight and the Apprentice Mage

Book One of the Mandeight Chronicles

Available on Amazon in Kindle and POD Book formats.

Audiobook format is still in production.

Follow Mandeight, an exiled mage, as he finds an apprentice, joins a pirate crew and eventually sort of saves the world, kind of.

Mandeight the Patented Mage:

Book Two of the Mandeight Chronicle

Available on Amazon in Kindle and POD Book formats.

Audio book production to begin in early September 2020.

Synopsis (beware of spoilers): Mandeight must return to Eldemy for his trials to display his magical prowess, but the Duke of Eldemy has a very different kind of trial in mind.

Mandeight and the Collegium Magicum

Book Three of the Mandeight Chronicles

First draft written.

Will be released by the end of 2020.

Sorry, no synopsis. Too many spoilers at this point. Once the second book is released, I’ll put a synopsis here.

Novella: Dail, Samana and the Duke

Barely outlined!

This will be a novella or some other short-form bit of writing. I’m going to write this novella so I know what happens to the characters mentioned in the title as they are nowhere near Mandeight.

I can’t tell you when this might be released. I might hold it for a series of short stories. I might release it on its own. It’s also possible I’ll only write it for my own reference.

Mandeight and the Pirate King (tentative title)

Book Four of the Mandeight Chronicles

I haven’t even started on this book yet. It’s not even outlined. Who knows? The title will probably change.