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Mandeight Chronicles Update!

Here are some updates regarding my fantasy series, the Mandeight Chronicles

Book One: Mandeight and the Apprentice Mage

The ebook and POD versions are available and I’m nearly finished recording the audiobook version. Reading the book aloud has helped me find quite a few typos. I’ve edited the original manuscript document as I’ve found errors, and I will update the contents of both the ebook and POD versions with this new text file as soon as I’ve finished the audiobook.

As of this writing, I’m at Chapter 21 in the recording process.

Book Two: Mandeight the Patented Mage

Book Two has been written and proofread. I’m going to hold off on its release until I’ve finished the audio version (see above). My hope is to release Book Two by the end of September, and I’ll release the ebook, POD and audiobook simultaneously.

Here’s a brief synopsis for Book Two (If you haven’t read the first book, I would skip the next paragraph as it contains spoilers):

Mandeight, Kidal and Dail return to Eldemy for Mandeight’s trials at the Collegium to confirm his Patents of Magic. He quickly learns that the Duke of Eldemy has a different kind of trial in mind. Apparently, word has reached the Duke of his escapades with the Scarab that resulted in the death of Cardinal Mage Basma. That’s all I’ll give away.

Book Three: Mandeight and the Collegium Magicum

Book Three is written! Well, the first writing pass is finished. If progress for this book goes like the previous two, I’ll do two more writing passes, then proofreading, recording, etc.

I won’t give a synopsis of Book Three, since only a few people have had a chance to read Book Two…

Let’s Stay in Touch

On the left side of my web page, there’s a link to sign up for my email list. I haven’t yet sent out any emails on it, and I’m not quite sure if anyone’s signed up for it yet.

But if you would like to know when things get released, please consider signing up. It will let me contact you directly when something new is available.

I promise I won’t spam you constantly.

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