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Book Two of the Mandeight Chronicles: Update

As of 9pm on August 4, 2020, I finished the first draft of Book Two of the Mandeight Chronicles, Mandeight the Patented Mage.

As this is only my second novel, my writing “process” is hardly established, but if the process for my first book is any indication, I can give you an idea as to when it will be available.

With the first book, I did three writing passes.

The first pass is just to get everything written down. I blaze forward, only catching inconsistencies, typos, etc, as I notice them. For my first book, this phase took about three weeks. For Book Two, it took less than two weeks (I can type almost as fast as I can thing, and I thank my dad for making me take a typing class in junior high school).

For the second pass, I am looking for typos (and finding them is difficult if you’re the one who wrote what you’re proofreading), expanding descriptions that seem too thin, and catch inconsistencies. For Book One, this increased the page count by 25-percent or more. I also do some retconning to foreshadow things that happen later in the text.

The third pass is as much a reading as it is an editing pass. For the first book, I used this pass to try to catch any inconsistencies and plot holes (I missed some anyway).

The second two passes for Book One took about two weeks, and I expect it’ll take about the same for Book Two.

This timeline may change, as I’m also trying to record the audiobook version of Book One (more on that in my next post).

I would love to hire a professional proofreader and editor, but the cost for such is rather high, and I can’t afford that right now. If sales start to boom, that will change of course.

I had even more fun writing the second book as I did writing the first, and I didn’t think that could be possible. That’s probably why the first writing pass went so quickly.

For those of you who’ve purchased and read Book One, thank you! And in reading it, I hope you’re as excite about Book Two as I am.

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